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Vietnam is a friendly country with a long-standing culture. Vietnamese culture is really diverse and mysterious to foreigners, especially for the ones who come to Vietnam the first time. In this S-shaped country, there are 54 ethnic groups have lived together for a long time ago. Up to now, almost ethnic groups in Vietnam still hold their traditional customs. They are open-hearted to tourists, welcoming tourists as friends when researching and exploring their culture. Stretching from the North to the South, tourists can easily find and participate in learning about Vietnamese ethnic culture during their journey. Cultural tourism is a strong point of Vietnam tourism. Some types of cultural tourism have been developing in Vietnam such as heritage tourism, festival tourism, culinary tourism, museum tourism etc... GrandViet Tour would like to introduce the most unique cultural tour programs in Vietnam to foreign tourists with the purpose that to help them to get the most overview about the country, culture, and people of Vietnam.
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