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organized the biggest number of visitors from Southeast Asia in 2018

Our licenses

Our Licensing Credentials:

In order to operate as an inbound and outbound tour operator, travel companies must adhere to specific
criteria outlined by regulatory authorities. Following the issuance of a business registration certificate, a travel company seeking to engage in inbound and outbound tourism activities must undergo the necessary procedures to obtain an international tour operator's license. This pivotal license, granted by the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, authorizes companies to legally conduct a range of tourism-related business activities.

The international tour operator's license is exclusively bestowed upon companies that are established in accordance with prevailing laws and possess business registrations covering designated lines of operation, including tour operation and inbound and outbound tour operation.

GrandViet Tour proudly holds the esteemed international tour operator's license, issued by the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism under License No: 01-217/TCDL-GPLHQT. This certification underscores our eligibility and commitment to serving as a reputable inbound and outbound tour operator within the industry.