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Thailand, the land of smiles, beautiful islands, white sandy beaches, bustling cities, ancient temples, and small charming villages with plenty of surprises awaiting you. Joining us to explore a land where you will never get bored, learn about its rich history, and meet locals. The first point of the journey that you cannot ignore is The Grand Palace Bangkok is considered as the spiritual heart of the Kingdom of Thailand and the palace complex features a number of impressive buildings including the Temple of the Emerald Buddha which houses the small but famous and widely revered Emerald Buddha dating back to the 14th century. The next wonderful destination is Ayutthaya, Thailand's ancient capital, about 70 km far from Bangkok, and recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. If you go up to the North of Thailand, you can come to Chiang Mai, a land of misty mountains and colorful hill tribes, a playground for seasoned travelers, a paradise for shoppers, and a delight for adventurers. What else can you do in Thailand? You can visit and relax at one of the many beautiful islands such as Phuket, Krabi, Koh Samet, Koh Samui. Beautiful beaches are awaiting you there, as well as boat trips, scuba diving, and famous Thai massages, etc... However, Thailand is not only like that, but it also has many interesting attractions for your exploring.
Capital City: Bangkok  Thailand Area: 513,120 km² Thailand Population: 69,767,939 people Ethnic Groups: 70
Cities: 32 World Heritage Sites: 5 Intangible Cultural Heritage Sites: 2 The World Biosphere Reserves: 4

Travel Guide

1. Reasons to visit Thailand ?

The dollar goes a long way in Thailand. There are hundreds of hotels and guest houses available for prices that sound like America in the mid-20th century. Thai food is likewise innexpensive, and often the street food vendors, who typically sell dishes for what Amerricans consider pocket change, offer the most delicious stuff. Want to splurge? That's even better because Thailand has some outstanding hotels and resorts, all for significantly less than you would pay back home. 
Whether you visit in December or May, except warm weather and mostly clear days in Thailand. There are reasons in Thailand, they are just a little different from the ones Americans are used to - cool, hot and rainy.
Thailand has some of the best beaches in the world: warm, clear water, stunning vistas and marine life to gawk as you swim, snorkel or scuba. Plus there are so many different types of beaches in Thailand, from quiet and laid back to pary all night, that everyone can find the perfect fit. 
Few will argue that Thai food isn't delicious. But if you've only been exposed to it at Thai restaurants in the United States, you're in for a surprise. Here in Thailand, the food is better, there is more variety and it's very inexpensive. You'll easily find favorites such as Thai curry, but you'll also find a wide selection of salads, noodles and snacks. And believe or not, with apologies to the American South, Thailand has delicious fried chicken. 
If you like markets, bargains, or cool and quirky stuff, you'll find shopping in Thailand rewarding. Big city markets carry everything from shoes to art and the malls in Bangkok are some of the fanciest in the wolrd. 
Once you're in the country, it's easy and cheap to get around, thanks mostly to local budget airlines such as Nok Air, AirAsia and Bangkok Airways. If you book ahead and aren't traveling during the peak season, it's quite common to get a round-trip ticket from Bangkok to Phuket for an extremely affordable fare.
The booming, bustling capital of Bangkok along with Chiang Mai, the quieter, charming center of Northern Thailand, both offer culutre, history, architecture, great food and lots of diversions. 
They don't call it the "Land of Smiles" for nothing. While there are occasional tourist scams and once in a while, you'll encounter someone who isn't smilling, by and large, the people of Thailand are friendly, open, and kind to foreign visitors.
Buddhism is Thailand's predominant religion and it influences everything from the architecture to the way people interact with one another. All of the country's major cities have breathtaking Buddhist temples to visit: Chiang Mai and Bangkok have the lion's share. 
Whether you are on beach or in one of Thailand cities, you won't be far from the bars and night clubs that have made the country famous. Don't worry: it's it not all go-go bars and scantily clad women. There are plenty of discos, nightclubs and regular bars, too. 

2. Visa Requirement to Thailand ?

A tourist visa will be used for tourism purposes only, which means tourists are not allowed to work or conduct business with it. The visa for tourism purpose will be expried within 30 or up to 60 days and foreigners can extend their visa at the nearest immigration office for 1,900 Baht (this information is udapted in June, 2019).
Tourists need to have a tourist visa if they plan to stay in this country longer than they are allowed (mentioned above) or their country has no visa exemption agreements in Thailand. For example, people coming from countries in the ASEAN organisation don't need to have tourist visa if they intend to say in Thailand within 30 days for tourism purpose. 

3. Best time to visit Thailand ?

Normally the best time to travel to the country in a tropical area is when the weather is sunny and not so hot - Thailand is not excluded. The best time to go to Thailand is from November to April when it's dry with the warm tempature hovering between 32 and 36 degrees and tourists can enjoy nine hours of sunshine per day without being soaked in sweat. 

4. Weather in Thailand ?

Like any other tropical country in South East Asia, the weather is really complex and regional diversity In general, you can visit Thailand throughout the year, but try to avoid the more rural parts of the country since they will become less accessible at the peak of the rainy season. 
  • Northern Thailand weather: is defined by a rainy season, cool season and warm season.
  • Central Thailand weather: experience a tropical climate comprised of a cool season, warm season and rainy season.
  • Southern Thailand weather: is defined by two seasons: the rainy season and dry season.  

5. Top Thailand Tourist Attractions ?

Same as the luxury experiences, there are a lot of tourist attractions you can go in Thailand, depending on your preference. You are an adventurous person who loves to explore untouched lands, or spoty person who is fond of water sports or you just want to take a nap in a hammock, get away from the crowd? Thailand has it all. Here are some of the best tourist attractions in Thailand that we recommend:
  • Jim Thompson House: This is used to be the home of a famous American silk entrepreneur and art collection.
  • Wat Pho: This is the country's center for public education with host of superlatives.
  • Sukhothai Historical Park: Many calls the Sukhothai Historical Park ruins one of Thailand's most impression historical sites.
  • Chatuchak Weekend Market: This market is one of the largest markests in the world, with all goods you can think of: used shoes, vintage clothes to baby squirrels.
  • Wat Phra Kaew: This complex is the heart of Thai Buddhism and the monarchy with its fantastic architectures. This tempe symbols the country's most holy image, the Emrald Buddha. 

6. What are the most remarkable landmarks in Thailand ?

Thailand has it all, from the white sand beaches to ancient ruins of a destroyed kingdom. Below are the country's most famous landmarks. 
  • Prasat Hin Phimai: Built in the 11th century, this is one of the oldest and most significant temples in Thailand. Visitors can clearly see how significant and beautiful Khmer architecture is just by looking at this. 
  • Bridge Over the River Kwai: This bridge was made of iron and a remmant of the Death Railway. People call it by that deadly name since the railways was built by World War II's prisoners - a reminder of the war's tragedy and loss. 
  • White Temple: Many agree that is one of the most fascinating and spectacular landmarks in Thailand for the unique outlook that White Temple has. However, the Temple was built in 1997, not some good-preserved ancient temple you can find in many places in Thailand. 
  • James Bond Island: The name says it all, people used to film the movie James Bond on this island and the original name, Khao Phing Kan was changed ever since.
  • Sukhothai Historical Park: Sukhothai used to by Thailand's capital. So you can see what remains of this ancient city with most structures date back to the 13th and 14th centuries.

7. Best authentic experience in Thailand ?

Nowadays, many travelers are not satisfied with the industrialized tour that takes them to the commonly popular place. They want more than that. They need authentic experiences in a new place by making a real connection - a genuine, local and authentic connection. 
  • Chiang Trekking: If you are into hiking and connecting with people in the new land that you visit, this is an amazing experience. Tourists can trek in the jungle and reach the village and stay the night with a farmer family. You can talk to the kids in a small village in Thailand, or talk about everything with locals. 
  • Hands-on handicrafts: Tourists have the chance to make handicrafts from ceramic, wood carving to textiles. They will have the chance to see local artisans at work and learn from them to make their own souvenir. 
  • Giving alms to monks: This activity is for early birds only since the rituals take place at an early hour in the morning. This is a traditional part of everyday life in Thailand when Buddhist monks slowly walking down the streets on their morning alms and receive food into their bowls. 
  • And what can be more authentic than staying at Thai's family? The real Homestay experience can turn your trip to a cultural exchange or learning time. With a host family, you can open up your whole perspective of Thailand and its people, seeing things that other tourists can't and having yourself a little different Thailand.  

8. Top special dishes in Thailand ?

Tom Yum Goong (Spicy Shrimp Soup)
This can be named as Thailand's most popular dish in the world's cooking map. The dish is a fresh and lovely combination of fresh herbs, fish sauce and fresh prawns with mushrooms. The smell of this dish can not be mistaken with any dish and the flavor of sour-spicy- hot taste just screams "Thailand" in your mouth.
Som Tum (Spicy Green Papaya Salad)
You can just love it or hate it - there is no in between. With the fresh ingredients including garlic, chilies, green beans, cherry tomatoes and shredded raw papaya, this dish has a unique sweet-sour-spicy flavor that is not easily forgotten. 
Tom Kha Kai (Chicken in Coconut Soup)
This is actually a Tom Yum's twist with young galangal, crushed shallots and tender strips of chicken. The twist here is the huge amount of coconut milk to help thicken the sauce and ease of the spicy flavor will burn your tongue. 
Gaeng Daeng (Red Curry)
This curry can get all of your taste buds tingling. Customers should eat it right when the dish is freshly out of the kitchen and still at its best so that you can taste the stunningly tender meat, with its mild, sweet and delicately fragrant. 
Pad Thai (Thai style Fried Noodles)
This dish is so popular that you can find everywhere from Cape Town to Khao San Road, the de-fact-to international Thai dish! The dish impresses customers with its amazing combination of fish sauce, chilli powder, sugar and finely ground peanuts. 

9. Unusual things to do in Thailand ?

  • Tourists can try a fish spa
There is no way you can explain exactly wht is feels like to have schools and schools of tiny fishes nibbling at your foot. They will eat your dead skin around your foot and that's it. However, many are warned about the potential health risk of this method. Yet, this kind of spa is still very popular in Thailand because of the unusual, indescribable feeling customers will have. 
  • Chat with a monk
An AMA, but with a mock seems to interest many people. In most temples in Thailand, there will always be available mocks that can answer all you questions about their life, their religious and all your problems in this world under the Buddhism viewpoint.
  • Explore Phra Nang Cave - Cave of pensises
If you are interested in the Penis Festival in Japan, you may find the experiences to discover Thailand's Phra Nang Beach with a cave full of penises. There are hunderds of pottery in penis shape here with all sizes, shapes and colors you can think of. And it is not a prank, but instead, a phallic shrine dedicated to a female spirit who symbolizes fertility. Thai people make offerings here so foreigners should take and respect local customers and beliefs.
  • Visit Buddhist Hell 
In all unusual attractions in Thailand, don't forget to make a quick stop in hell! Just kidding, it is actually a Buddhist Hell with gruesome images and statues potroaying the future of those who are sent to hell to pay for their sins. This Hell garden is not your typical garden with blomming flowers and colorful shrubbery. It portrays what Thai people believe and religion. This place is located on the way to Pattaya and visitors have to pay no fee to visit here. 

10. Do's and Don't in Thailand

Things you should do
  • Dress properly: Because most Thai people are conservatives and considering their monarchy and religion, make sure to dress properly when visiting Thai temples and royal palaces. Your shoulders and knees should be covered regardless of your gender. When visiting these religious places, the more formal your clothes are, the better. 
  • Take off your shoes: One interesting thing in Thailand is that here, feet are considered dirty. So in many places, people leave their shoes outside and walk with their bare feet. Small tip: it is common that you leave your shoes outside your hotel rooms as well. 
  • Respect the monarchy: Thai people love their beloved monarchy and pay huge respect to the royal family.
  • Respect all Buddha images: In this religious country, people who do not respect Buddha images can be punishable by imprisionment even if committed by foreign visitors. 
Things you don't
  • Forget the mosquito repellent: Thailand is tropical country, so you may not want to be friend the mosquitoes there, right?
  • Expose yourself: Thailand is not a fan of skin showing, including sunbathing toplessly on the beach or wearing too revealing clothing. Note that breastfeeding falls in the "not in public" category. 
  • Be overly affectionate in public: You may see young Thai couples holding hands, but that's it - people do not show their affection in public like any other Asian country. 
  • Touch anyone's head: Once you are in Thailand, don't touch anyone's head, not even children. It's the most important part of the body according to the Thai.
  • Visit any animal attraction, or participate in any animal activities before you've done your thorough research about since many people there try to abuse animals (tigers, elephants) to make money from tourists. 

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