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Our Vietnam Pilgrimage Tours

Vietnam is a multi-religious and belief nation. Over 4,000 years of building and defending the country, there are 06 major religions in Vietnam: Buddhism, Catholicism, Protestantism, Islam, the Cao Dai, and the Hoa Hao. Therefore, there are many cultural, artistic, historical works associated with the religious activities of many religions. Coming to our pilgrimage tours, you have the opportunity to visit the Cathedral of Hanoi (the official name: St. Joseph Cathedral) is the ancient church, where the throne of the Archbishop. You can visit Phat Diem Cathedral (often called Phat Diem Stone Church) - 120 km South of Hanoi, located in Ninh Binh province. This Church is rated by the domestic and foreign press as one of the most beautiful churches in Vietnam, considered as the "Catholic Capital" in Vietnam. Coming to Central of Vietnam with blue sea, white sand, sunshine, you can visit the Holy Land of La Vang - located in Quang Tri province. The Holy Land of La Vang is the most important and largest place for Vietnamese Catholics where millions of pilgrims honor Our Lady in this sacred place annually. Visiting Ho Chi Minh City - the old name is Saigon, considered as the Pearl of the Far East. You can visit Notre Dame Cathedral - the cathedral of Ho Chi Minh City Archdiocese, one of the unique architectural works of Saigon, the destination of domestic and foreign tourists. Certainly, there are many famous artworks associated with religious activities in Vietnam that you can visit and admire.
Pilgrimage Tours