Trekking to Ta Ong  2 days / 1 night

Trekking to Ta Ong 2 days / 1 night

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Overview: During this two-day trek you will explore Xe Pian Protected area's diverse forests with knowledgeable village guides, who will teach you about its many medicinal plants and non-timber forest products and point out signs of wildlife (tracks scat and habits). Ride canoes or boats (water level permitting) up the Ta'Euang river viewing a variety of colourful birds, bamboo forests and, if you are lucky, monkeys too. In the evening, stay overnight in an ethnic Brow village, Ban Ta Ong, and enjoy traditional hospitality and local food in this remote and natural setting. Rise early before sunrise and take a walk to nearby forest with local guides to listen to sounds of birds, squirrels and possibly hear the song-like calls of the endangered yellow-cheeked crested gibbon.


Xe Pian National Protected Area: Xe Pian National Protected Area is considered one of the most important protected areas in Laos due to its high biodiversity, globally significant wildlife and forest habitats. The area covers 2.400 square km over Champasak and Attapeu Provinces and shares a border with Cambodia. Habitats include evergreen, mixed-evergreen and deciduous forest types, as well as numerous seasonal wetlands that are fed by three main rivers - the Xe Pian, the Xe Khampho and the Xe Kong. Key species include: tiger, banteng, irrawady dolphin, Asian elephant, gaur, sun bear, Asiatic black bear and yellow-cheeked crested gibbon. Xe Pian has the highest number of birds recorded for any protected area in Laos. Important species include the giant ibis, black ibis, sarus crane, white-winged duck and the white rumped, long billed and red headed vultures. Your village guides have a deep knowledge of the forest ecology and will interpret its amazing attractions for you.


History of Brow People and Ta Ong village: The Brow ethnic group (also referred to as Lavae) is part of the Mon-Khmer linguistic branch and is primarily located in the southern provinces of Laos and adjacent areas in north-eastern Cambodia. The Brow traditionally practice Animism and worship spirits and ancestors. Ban Ta Ong villagers also incorporate Buddhism into their traditions. Traditional clothes of the Brow are made from tree bark fibre - however, many now wear cotton clothes. The Brow are also great hunters and Ban Ta Ong is well known for its giant crossbow, which is said to shoot as far as 200 meters. Over the past centuries the village has moved from location to location within the Xe Pian area. According to village elders, Ban Ta Ong has been in its current location since the 1940s.


Level of Difficulty and Trail Condition: This trek involves approximately three to five hours of moderate walking per day. Although the trail is mostly flat with only a few short climbs, it can be difficult as the jungle is thick and wild. It is recommended that trekkers be in good physical condition and be prepared for adventure. It is also advised that trekkers be prepared for walking through small streams and be extra careful on river crossings, which can be dangerous.


What to Bring: Please be prepared to walk through bushes and streams. It is recommended that you wear long pants and a shirt (dark colours preferable) that covers you shoulders. Carry your valuables in a plastic bag to protect them from water during the canoe ride. Bring one change of clothes, sandals for the village, good shoes for hiking, mosquito repellent, a flashlight (no electricity in the village), sunscreen and a hat (the sun is hot during the day). Women should bring a sarong for public bathing. Blankets, mosquito nets, food and boiled water are provided in the village.


Day 1:

·         8:30 - Transfer by truck from Kingfisher Ecolodge to Palai Bok village, arrival at around 9:15

·         9:30 - Start trekking through the forest from Palai Bok to Ta Ong village. Stop along the way to eat picninc lunch provided by Kingfisher Ecolodge.

·         15:00 - Arrival in Ta Ong, visit the village and rest until evening when the villagers will provide dinner. Homestay accommodation.


Day 2

·         05:00 - Wake up early in the morning to take a short walk in the forest close the village, there you will listen and watch several kind of birds feeding from the trees and (if you are lucky) you may have the chance to listen or even to spot the endangered species of Yellow-cheeked Gibbons.

·         7:30 - Breakfast with the villagers and start the way back to Palai Bok through a different trail in the forest. From here you will have the possibility to easily reach the top of a hill from where you will have a breathtaking view of the dense forest and valleys of Xe Pian Natural Park.

·         12:00 - Arrival in Nongpin village, have lunch with the villagers.

·         13:30 - Departure from Nongpin to Palai Bok by boat on a river populated with several kind of birds.

·         15:00 - Arrival in Palai Bok and transfer to Kingfisher Ecolodge.

·         16:00 - Arrival at Kingfisher Ecolodge.


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Inclusive of above prices:

Exclusive of above prices:

·         Transfer by local tractor                                                                                                                                                                                                             

·         Local English speaking guide                                                                                                                     

·         Meal: Breakfast, lunch, dinner

·         Drinking water while on trek                                       

·         Village homestay accommodation(basic)                    

·         Boat ride Nongpin village to Palai Bok village

·         Villages permission fee

·         Personal usage and medical care

·         Visa stamping fee

·         Airtickets in/out Laos

·         Travel insurance in all kinds

·         Mosquito repellant

·         Other items not mentioned in the inclusion

·         Tip, drinks, personal expenses and others


This activity is usually not available during the rainy season (End May to beginning November) 

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