Sapa Trekking Tour (3 Days / 4 Nights)

Sapa Trekking Tour (3 Days / 4 Nights)

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Hotel : 3Sao | Time : 3 days 4 nights

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Located in the north-western mountain area, Sapa keeps in itself many miracle things about natural scenery and local people.


- Exploring SaPa, the most beautiful and the most colorful valley in the Northwest of Vietnam. Tourists can enjoy the vivid green rice terraces or making friends with ethnic people like H’mong and Dao. Visiting Cat Cat Village, Ham Rong Mountain, Tavan.



Sapa - hidden in mist city, is the modest, quiet land but possesses many wonderful things. The natural scenery of city combines with the creation of human, the green of forest paint a romantic picture.

Catcat village

Recently, Catcat has always been listed in top must-see in the north-western mountain area of Vietnam. This is the old village and an attractive cultural tourist place for people, who want to explore the unique habits of ethnic minority people.

Hamrong Mountain (Dragon's Mouth)

Another familiar site for tourists is Hamrong mountain. This is famous mountain located in the centre of Sapa. When on the top of the height 1800m, tourists can emerge themselve into swinging clouds and see panoramic view of all Sapa. 

Tavan village

Like Catcat, Laochai-Tavan is the ethnic village. It sitted in valley, which is between mighty Hoanglienson and dreamy Hamrong mountain. Surrounding village is the endless green terraced fields. If you don’t see with your eyes local people are farming in here every day, you must mistaken that these fields were made by talented artists.


Bacha market


When on the trip to Bacha market, you will see many high mountains, deep chasms and golden terraced fields. These romantic landscapes may force you to stop here, in order to take photographs.

Bacha is the village fair, where sells all of mountainous specialties: vegetable, fruit, honey... and important equipment: plough, hoe, pick, shovel...

Today, despite the affection of commercialization, Bacha is still well preserver its traditional of old village fair. You will not see the scene, which sellers force customers buy goods, instead of it, there are only friendly, rustic sellers in colorful ethnic clothes. In the afternoon, when market is nearly closed, you will see men drink wine on horse’s back, behind is the women leading horses to village...

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