Hue city tour – Phong Nha Cave (3 Day/2 Night Tour)

Hue city tour – Phong Nha Cave (3 Day/2 Night Tour)

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“I have come to dreamy Hue for few times,

From those day, I have placed in my mind one sweety love,

Hue - the beauty you can see in nowhere,

The love like poem hats from deep whispers.”

It seems like anyone, who has come to Hue, has felt in love by chance with this dreamy, scenic land.


- Travelling inside Hue Imperial Citadel, one of the heritages which were recognized by UNESCO: Hue Imperial Citadel, Royal Tombs of Emperor Tu Duc.

- Visiting Thien Mu Pagoda, constructed 1601 by the ruler of southern part of Viet Nam Emperor Nguyen Hoang, following an old legend: Legend of Holly Lady.

- Visiting Demilitarized Zone, one of the bloodiest battlefields during the Vietnam war.

- Visiting UNESCO’s Heritage Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park with the karst formation which has been evolved since the Palaeozoic (some 400 million years ago), the oldest major karst area in Asia.


Hue city:

Hue imperial citadel:

The most undamaged imperial citadel in Vietnam.

If you have been in ancient imperial citadel Hoalu (Ninhbinh), Coloa, Thanglong (Hanoi), which were ruined, you will see Hue imperial citadel is the most intact one. Hue imperial citadel has an antique, peaceful beauty. Come to here, you will have chance to see hundreds-of-year masterpieces of golden palace, gorgeous temples, solemn mausoluems, scenic landscape...


Perfume river:

Called Perfume, because from a long time ago, this river flew through many forests, which have pervading aroma. These aromas follow the river to Hue city. With the length of 80 km, Perfume river slips inside the city like a smoothy-silky ribbon. Its water is clear, reflecting shadow of houses, walls, citadels... like a picture. Truongtien bridge crosses river, which will remind tourists about an image of Hue women in Hue violet long dress...


Thienmu pagoda:

Thienmu pagoda is not only a sacred place, but also a beautiful site, listed in top 20 the most beautiful site in Hue. Tourist visting Hue often travel to pagoda by wooden boat on dreamy Perfume river.


Tuduc tomb:

Tourism companies often arrange visiting Tuduc tomb with Khaidinh tomb, so that tourists are able to compare the interesting contrast in style between two tombs. If Khaidinh tomb has the swagger like its owner, Tuduc tomb has poetic beauty of Tuduc king’s romantic spirit.

With approximately 12ha, 8km from Hue, Tuduc tomb has about  50 buildings, scatteredly located by group, depending on terrain.

If you have chance to visit tombs in Hue, you will feel Tuduc as the wonderful picture. Whole of tomb is plain, humble but so charming. Once visiting it, you cannot getaway from this poetic space.


Quangtri province:

Hienluong brigde - Benhai river:

Normally, river is the beautiful image of country. Ironically, there was a river bore with itself the deep resentment when its country was seperated into 2 parts. It was Benhai river - the river which had been used to be the seperating borderline through 20 historical years.

USA, with its conspiracy, had tried all its best to occupy the Southern region of Vietnam, then would head to take over all Indochina. Because of it, all Vietnamese had fought with enemy for over 20 years to get the independence like today.


Quangbinh province:

Phongnha – Kebang

Phongnha - Kebang national park is located in Quangbinh, about 500km far from Hanoi. This is one of the most famous and amazing national park in Vietnam.

Being through many significant changes, park’s terrain is complicating, so that this is a good evidence, where preserved many precious value of geography. Phongnha - Kebang was recognized as World Natural Heritage by UNESCO in 2003, then the second time in 2015.



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