Highlights of Hanoi City (3 Days / 2 Nights)

Highlights of Hanoi City (3 Days / 2 Nights)

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Come to Hanoi - come to the land of thousand-year civilization. Established from 1010, Hanoi is on of the most antique capital in Asia. Visiting here, you will have a chance to explore unique traditional heritages, valueable culture sitting besides skycrappers, 5-star hotels, crowded streets...


- Learning about the Vietnamese history and the life of President Ho Chi Minh

- Exploring Hanoi of thounsand-year civilization with its temples, pagodas

- Enjoying unique amazing Roi Nuoc (Water Puppet show)

_ Visit ancient places, which intergrate with history of Vietnam

_ Learn more about history Vietnam

_ Listen to sensational legends

_ Have chance to be a profesional potter 


Temple of Literature:

Almost tourists probably is heard of Temple of Literature, the first university of Vietnam. Visiting this ancient complex will give tourists the experience of discovering the Vietnam’s glorious history and the Easten architecture’s uniqueness. Temple of Literature was built with the purpose of worshiping the Confucius, the Confucian sages and mandarin Chu Van An. In the temple, with more than 700 years of operation (1076 - 1802), thousands of talents for the country had been trained and graduated for serving the country. At the present, there are still 82 stelae on stone tortoises’ back which craved the names of successful contestants in the entrance examinations (1442 - 1778).


Returned-Sword Lake (Guom lake) and Ngocson Temple:

The Returned-Sword Lake is the emerald jewel of Hanoi. For many generations, Vietnamese believed that deep in this green water there is a sacred sword of their ancestors, which is carefully safeguarded by the golden tortoise.

Being built on the Jade Islet, Ngocson temple was dedicated to the Confucian, Taoist philosophers and the national hero - Tran Hung Dao. The temple is a popular spot for visitors coming to the lake.


Water Puppet Show:

The Water puppet show is the tradition dating back to 11th century. Vietnamese puppet show is a unique variation of puppet tradition in Asia. The puppeteers, hidding behind a screen and standing chest-deep in the water, manipulate the puppets with the musical accompaniment provided by a small orchestra which is led by a narrator. Water puppetry is performed in a chest-deep pool of water, with the water's surface as a stage. The puppeteers stand behind a curtained backdrop. The water puppet show is lively, touching and worth to see.


Battrang pottery village:

One of the first interest when you come to Battrang is the road leading to here. This is the old road, where you can stop before go into village to take some nice photo.

After wandering on the path, you should try to be a potter with only 1-2 USD per pax. Don’t know how to do it? Don’t worry, there are always hospitable profesional potters will guide you from A to Z. The only thing you should care is free your mind and play with clay at your convenient.


Thanglong imperial citadel:

Thanglong imperial citadel is the existential evidence of Vietnam’s history, with it’s old is over 1000 years.

Thanglong imperial citadel is a grandious complex, built in many periods and becomes one of the most important historical monuments in Vietnam.

Nowadays, Thanglong imperial citadel is one of the most attractive places in Hanoi.






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