Danang - Marble Mountain - My Son Holyland – Hoi An - Hue - Phong Nha Cave Tour

Danang - Marble Mountain - My Son Holyland – Hoi An - Hue - Phong Nha Cave Tour

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Myson sanctuary is located in hidden valley, where has great mountains. There are over 70 temples and towers of Champa civilization, all of these contained immortal values about history, culture, architechture, art through 9 centuries and were rated on the same level with other famous historical sites in South East Asia: Angko, Pagan, Borobudua...

Besides, In this tour we will come back to Vietnamese war period, to find out a hard life of people, how they worked, lived and fought. Besides, you will have chance to enjoy great scene of Hue nature.

Finally, we have chance to visit one of the most beautiful national park in Vietnam - Phongnha.


- Enjoying the beautiful scene and fresh air and also have a beautiful view of Danang city.

- Visiting Linhung pagoda, a spirit therapy for yourself.

- Group visit HoiAn, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

- Visit My Son, the place is considered to be one of the best-preserved Cham centers in Vietnam.

- Travelling inside Hue Imperial Citadel, one of the heritages which were recognized by UNESCO.

- A boat trip on the lagoon will bring you magnificent moments of local fisherman's life



Danang city:

Han market Danang:

Han market is the big shopping center, located in the center of city. Almost tourists, when visiting Danang, go shopping at here.

Han market has a variety of goods: footwears, clothes, accessorizes, souvenires... specially, fresh seafood, fruits, sauces... In developed countries, like The United Kingdom, France, Germany, USA... markets, with them, are history, because nowadays, markets are replaced by modern shopping centers. That’s why Western tourists really enjoy visitting to Han market.


Marble mountain:

Marble mountain is the famous site in Danag, known by many tourists inside/outside Vietnam.

The unique feature in here is that after long hours climbing hundreds of stair to visit caves and pagodas, you just only go few paces outside that you have arrived to the beautiful turquoise sea with silky sand-bank and gentle waves.


Linhung pagoda:

Being not far from Mykhe beach, Linhung pagoda is located on a hill of Sontra. Pagoda has the shape of a turtoise, face looks to the sea, back leans on the forest and steppe.

Linhung is the biggest pagoda of Danang in size, as well as in architecture. It is the combination between the modern and traditional beauty of Vietnamese pagodas. Nowadays, Lingung is one of the new tourist site of this amazing coastal city.


Myson Sanctuary

Even experienced through time and war, the rests of Myson still make the large contribution to world artistic heritages.

In December, 4th 1999 at Marocco, Myson sanctuary is listed in UNESCO world heritage, thanks for its great value of culture.


Hoian Ancient Town:

Standing out in tours in center Vietnam, Hoian ancient town is a plain, simply and poetic picture. No matter what in the morning or at night, Hoian still has charming beauty.

Besides precious values of architecture, Hoian preserves a great fund of intangible cultural heritage. Moreover, ordinary life of residents here with special habits, folk art, cultural festival, special foods... All of these make Hoian day by day become more and more atractive to tourist all over the world.


Hue city:

Perfume river:

Called Perfume, because from a long time ago, this river flew through many forests, which have pervading aroma. These aromas follow the river to Hue city. With the length of 80 km, Perfume river slips inside the city like a smoothy-silky ribbon. Its water is clear, reflecting shadow of houses, walls, citadels... like a picture. Truongtien bridge crosses river, which will remind tourists about an image of Hue women in Hue violet long dress...


Thienmu pagoda:

Thienmu pagoda is not only a sacred place, but also a beautiful site, listed in top 20 the most beautiful site in Hue. Tourist visting Hue often travel to pagoda by wooden boat on dreamy Perfume river.


Hue ancient citadel:

Hue ancient citadel was the combination between Western and Easten style.

From a long time ago, Hue had been choosen to be the capital of Vietnamese southern area. In nearly 4 centuries, Hue has been the great scenic landscape complex and recently, recorded as world heritage by UNESCO.


Quang Tri province:

Hienluong brigde - Benhai river:

Normally, river is the beautiful image of country. Ironically, there was a river bore with itself the deep resentment when its country was seperated into 2 parts. It was Benhai river - the river which had been used to be the seperating borderline through 20 historical years.

USA, with its conspiracy, had tried all its best to occupy the Southern region of Vietnam, then would head to take over all Indochina. Because of it, all Vietnamese had fought with enemy for over 20 years to get the independence like today. 


Quang Binh province:

Phongnha - Kebang

Phongnha – Ke Bang is a national park, located in Quangbinh province in the north-central of Vietnam. It is one of the two largest limestone regions in the world with several amazing caves and grottoes, with its size is over 200,000 ha,  and lush forestland covering 95% of the park area. Although nominated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1998, the park is officially recognized by UNESCO in 2003. Phongnha-Kebang, with Halong Bay and Fanxipan, are also nominated for the 7 New Natural Wonders of the World.


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