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Trang An Eco - Tourism Site

Ngày đăng : 1/2/2013

Trang An Eco-Tourism Site is a complex and beautiful landscape, considered an 'outdoor geological museum' with numerous caves, mountains, waterways, trees and historical relics.

Our boat left a wharf on the Sao Khe River and led to Trang An Eco-Tourist Site, a wild but very attractive area in Gia Vien District, Ninh Binh Province.

Our small boat went smoothly on the river whose water is so clear that the riverbed can be seen. The space was so tranquil that the only sound heard was that of the oars slapping the water.

Afar, green mountains with white flowers of reed trees growing on the mountain foot made a beautiful scene. While enjoying fresh air and the landscape in the soft light of the mountainous area we had a feeling of being lost in a fairylike world.


A vast watery space surrounded by imposing limestone mountains in Trang An.

It was strange to us that our boat could not go along a straight water route as in another tour to Tam Coc – Bich Dong grottoes (also in Ninh Binh Province), but followed a circular route of over 10km. About 200m away from the wharf our boat reached Trinh Temple which is locally known as Dot Temple. The Temple is dedicated to Dinh Thang and Dinh Thuoc, the great generals in the Dinh Dynasty (10th century) who were credited with helping King Dinh Tien Hoang defeat the invaders, bringing peace to the country. Going further, our boat arrived at the first grotto named Dia Linh which is over 400m long.


Trang An boasts many beautiful grottoes.

Inside the grotto, rows of stalactites in various strange shapes hang from the roof of the cave. In addition, water dripping from the roof made the space more illusory.

Just as our boat came out of the grotto, a vast watery space surrounded by imposing limestone mountains appeared in front of us, creating a feeling of being in a gigantic natural well. Its water was calm and so limpid that bushes of green seaweed at the bottom looked like a grass cover.


Tourists behold the charming beauty of Trang An.

The boat ran through another grotto and then entered another watery space. Each grotto and watery space has its own wild beauty and is given a name, such as the Wine Brewing Grotto, Si Watery Space, Tran Temple, etc. There are about 50 grottoes in Trang An. The positions of mountains and river are harmonious with each other.

The entire Trang An area is home to 50 flooded caves connecting 30 small valleys

which stretch about 10 kilometres from North to South


Tourists travel by boat for sightseeing


Trang An Eco-tourism complex, boasting 48 grottoes and caves and 31 valleys near

the hallowed cultural area of Bai Dinh Pagoda has become

a unique landscape in the Red River Delta


Tourists offer incense at the Quy Minh King temple


Trang An eco-tourism complex includes 9 navigable water routes and 2 roads.

The road network system has a total length of 39.4 km


The transport system is arranged methodically and logically


To guarantee tourists’ safety, each boat carries only 4-5 persons


Trang An is a forest of great diversity in flora and fauna…


… and home to 577 plant species, including 10 species listed

 in the Red Book of Vietnam.


At the base of the limestone mountains, evidence of an ancient seabed

has been found, so the Trang An eco-tourism site is considered

the "Ha Long Bay on Land".

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