Phan Thiet Attractions

Poshanu Champa Towers

Ngày đăng : 3/27/2013

The solemn Poshanu Towers is one of the most famous place in Phanthiet. Located on Banai Hill, 7 km to the northeast of the city, towers are one of the most precious and important cultural vestige of the Champa Kingdom. Built in the late 8th century, this group of towers worships the Shiva Genie, who is highly respected by the Cham.

In this group, there are 3 towers: the main Tower A (15m high) located in the South and 2 sub towers including Tower B (12m high) on the North and Tower C (4m high) on the East.

For hundreds of years being forgotten, from 1990 to 2000, the Poshanu Towers had been repaired and embellished. Nowadays, Poshanu towers are one of the most attractive sites in Phanthiet.

Poshanu Champa Towers 01

Poshanu Champa Towers 02

Poshanu Champa Towers 03

Poshanu Champa Towers 04

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