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Of course you can book a cheaper tour/hotel with another company, but please be advise that you get what you pay for! We've build our solid reputation with small independent group tours, private and clean transportation, better hotels and reliable services etc.

We've compared with some other agencies and your price is higher, why?

You may find a cheaper tour/hotel with another company, but we not warranty that their services will be as good as ours! We - 10-year company, which have many experiences in tourism area, will offer you the best quality with a reasonable price.

How do I check-in at the hotel?

Simply hand off your Voucher to the hotel's reception. If you have any problems or requests, please do not hesitate to contact us by email, online, phone or fax. Please always state your BOOKING NUMBER or your name.

How can I go your hotel from airport. Do hotels provide the pick-up service?

You can go to hotel either by bus or taxi. We also offer you the pick-up service at the airport, if you request.

Do I have a right to privacy in my hotel room?

If you do not engage in illegal acts, violate a hotel's rules or disturbing other guests, then you have a limited right of privacy in your room.

The hotel management also has the right to clean your room or perform needed maintenance. If you do not want it, please inform he/she or publish the "do not disturb" board.

Where do I keep my belongings?

Non-valuable items such as clothes and toiletries are usually left in the room. Valuables such as cameras, passports, mobile phone and money should in safeguard or you can send them to hotel's safekeeping facilities. If having something stolen, you must report it immediately to the management!

Is the hotel responsible if my belongings are stolen?

For cash, jewelry and other valuables, a hotel is required to provide a safe. The hotel have a limited liability for valuables left in the safe and that may have no liability if you do not place valuables in the safe.

While hotels are not responsible for lost or stolen items, you will be helping in the effort to catch thieves.

Is the hotel responsible if I am the victim of a crime at or near the hotel?

A hotel cannot be held liable for you, unless it should have anticipated the crime (for example, the hotel is in a very high crime area).

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