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Markets in Hochiminh

Ngày đăng : 12/15/2012

Benthanh market:

Built in 19th century, Benthanh market is considered as city’s depondent, who witnessed many changes of history. Come to here, tourists are able to buy many souvenirs, cloth, clothes, handicrafts...


Market in outside Hochiminh:

Floating market:

If in the northen mountainous area, there are multi-colored market-days, in the southern area, there are unique markets on river. This is the speciality that tourist should not be skip over, whenever coming to Mekong.

On market, you can many things: from traditional Vietnamese fruits, chicken to cafe, soft drink, beer... evenmore, you can buy lottery on river, too. Unlike on land, each shop needs a board written shop’s name to announce what shop is selling, in floating market, on each boat, shopkeepers stakeout column and hang on it a product which boat is selling. Another impressing thing is that sellers transfer fruit from one boat to another by throwing and catching. Really, they look like professional juggles.

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