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Hanoi Old Quarter (Old 36 Streets)

Ngày đăng : 12/5/2012

Old Quarter:

Old Quarter is one of the most interesting place in Hanoi. You will be charmed when walking in small streets, watching old houses, going shopping souvenirs, tastes great specialties...


Optional: visiting Old Quarter by cyclo:

Nowadays, in modern life with a large number of modern transportation’s kind, cyclo still keeps its own values with ordinary life. People still use cyclo as a traditional transport to transfer goods, travel and other purposes. And now cyclo is received more pay attention for tourism to serve tourists when they travel around the city. What is the best way to discover and enjoy Hanoi Old Quarter? If you cannot walk too much, cyclo is the intelligent choice to travel around old streets in Hanoi Old town. By its advantage is that it is slow as walk, very easy for you to stop and see every activity of local people in your own eyes. You can stop at any shops, streets to get more exploration without pay more attention for traffic jam as in car. An excursion to Old Town and Hoan Kiem Lake, cyclo is a wonderful experience when you have a friendly driver and can speak a little English. This is the great chance for you to communicate with people living here and get more information from friendly drivers. You can try once in your time in Vietnam, not only in Hanoi city but also in other cities of the country you will get interesting feelings on cyclo.

Hanoi Old Quarter 36 Streets01

Hanoi Old Quarter 36 Streets02

Hanoi Old Quarter 36 Streets03

Hanoi Old Quarter 36 Streets04

Hanoi Old Quarter 36 Streets05

Hanoi Old Quarter 36 Streets06


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