Quang Binh Attractions

Gifted beauty of Quang Binh

Ngày đăng : 3/2/2013

Quangbinh is a coastal province in the North-central region of Vietnam. This province has a very long beautiful seashore of with endless white sand and blue water.

Besides, Quangbinh has a diversified biology area - most of species are from valuable and rare genes.

In 2009, Donghoi and Phongnha – Kebang of Quangbinh were listed in top 29 tourist attractions by Los Angeles Times newspaper. Phongnha – Kebang national park is also listed as the world’s natural wonders by UNESCO.

Recently, in Quangbinh was dicovered Sondoong - one the most beautiful and biggest natural cave in the world. It was chosen as the place for filming "King Kong" but finally En cave was chosen instead because the local goverment wanted to preserve the nature enviroment inside this spectacular cave.


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