Mekong Delta Attractions

Dong Tam Snake Farm

Ngày đăng : 5/13/2013

Dongtam snake farm is one of the most exciting place in Mytho. Coming to this farm, you will have the chance to see how hundreds of snake are taken venom at one time. This venom will be used to process medicine and other purposes.

When visiting here, tourist will explore the farm together with its guides. If you are afraid of snakes, you shouldn't get too close to cages. Here, you can take a lot of photograph of the cobras. Normally, they will not harm you if you ignore.

At some cages, the guide even pulls a snake out for visitors to take photos.

Dong Tam Snake Farm 01

Dong Tam Snake Farm 02

Dong Tam Snake Farm 03

Dong Tam Snake Farm 04

Dong Tam Snake Farm 05

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