Phan Thiet Attractions

Bau Trang

Ngày đăng : 4/9/2013

Bautrang is the beautiful lake in Phanthiet. From a long time ago, Cham people came here and use the water from it. To thank the lake for it cool and clear water, Cham people built Yana temple.

Beside the sand and pure water, Bautrang is also famous for its lotuses. Lotuses grow naturally among harsh sand dunes and bloom in almost seasons.

Come to Bau Trang, you can rent a boat to go sightseeing every place here or enjoy a view from the center of the lake or try to go fishing, or just dip yourself into crystal water.

Bau Trang 01

Bau Trang 02

Bau Trang 03

Bau Trang 04

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