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Bach Ma National Park

Ngày đăng : 12/19/2012

Located in the last part of mountain chain North Truongson, stretched from Vietnam-Laos borderline until East seam, with altitude of 1.450m, Bachma mountain area has clear atmostphere, cool temperature and rated by foreign experts that its weather is of the most ideal one in Indochina.

Come to Bachma, tourists will have chance to explore amazing natural paths, for example: Trisao path - where Trisao birds live, Doquyen path - the path leading to wonderful Doquyen waterfall, Nguho path - the path leading to 5 lakes located next to each other...

Standing on the top of Bachma, you can observe all a panorama view of Haivan mountain pass, Tuyvan mountain, Cauhai lagoon, Tuhien gate, Chanmay pool and illusory Hue city and Danang city. Besides, tourists can explore the 300m path through old parashorea forest, where has many big trees will their heigh are over 30m. If you are flower-lovers, you can visit the rare orchid collection - where exbihits uncommon kinds of orchid and other flowers, which you can see in nowhere.

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